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‘Hello Wash’ is the new boy in town. For all your laundry requirements right from washing, drying, folding and packing to dry cleaning, our ‘Hello Wash’ magic works like wonder. It could save you a bundle of hours which you can spend with your loved ones.

Scheduling a wash with ‘Hello wash’ is as simple as saying Hello.

Go to Book now, Login, Enter your details, Choose your pickup slot and submit. Now relax on your couch. Our pickup boy will be available at your doorsteps at YOUR TIME.

Want more clear understanding? Let’s solve together this time :P

Choose your wash type i.e., if you want to book a General wash or book a Plan.

General Wash:

It’s a one time request for your wash. This is feasible if you have limited number of clothes.

Plan Wash:

It can be a one time request or multiple one based on the plan you select.

Feasible if you have many clothes to wash at a time or want a fixed pickup in a month or more.

Choose your landmark and enter your address that is simple and clear. (For us to make your pickup easy).

See if your address is in our working areas. Then, you can Proceed with your booking.

Don’t Worry, Hello Wash is coming! However we are ramping our fleet at faster pace to cover majority of areas in city as our aim is to make entire city HELLO WASHED!

You might get surprised with our super fast wash cycle. We Just take 60hrs of time to deliver your clothes from the picked up time for a Normal Wash. When we say in 60hrs. We abide by that.

The chances are very less and if happened, we apologise for any inconvenience caused with/without our consent. Just give us a call within 24 hours along with your order id. We will make sure you get back your garment or the compensation.

We take a minimum order of Rs.400. All orders below the minimum order slot will be charged extra 50rs to manage our delivery costs.
For Steam Iron only service minimum of 50rs will be charged irrespective of order size.

It’s simple. The current market charges customers either by based on piecewise/ by Kilo wise.

We understand the customer and hence gave the customer the option of selecting his wash based on Kg/piece wise.

There is a logic behind doing this.

Sometimes the Kg concept will benefit the customer in terms of cost and sometimes the other does. Hence we gave this option to customers to choose their wash according to their wish as it maintains transparency.

Firstly thank you for developing lots of love on us. To complement your love, The Cover is given to you. You can use it for your next order as well.

We are happy to accept direct cash. We also accept payments through PAYTM. Please scan our QR code for faster payment(Our Agents will guide you for the same). We advise you to keep the change so that our agent work is done smoothly. We charge you at the cost promised you while picking up. We are not expecting any other online payment mode to avoid complexity as of now.

Hello Wash may not be able to promise the clothes later as you know we would be dealing with huge number of clothes at a time.There might be chances of misplacement.

Do not worry. Please keep your request ID ready for our rep. Once the pickup takes place, You can track your Id based on HW id.

If you cannot find your request id in track order, It’s simple, Your order is not yet picked up.

All available offers/discounts will be made be shown/represented in our website.

If you cannot always track discounts/offers, don’t worry.
Our representative will guide you with the current best offers we are running.

We always strive you to give at best price.


Please provide the OTP received in your mobile during the delivery if and only if you feel all clothes are available and delivered. After the OTP is confirmed, we take as a confirmation that your order has been successfully delivered.

This is how we ensure that your clothes are delivered with your own consent.

If OTP is not generating, dont worry, Our representative will guide you on the same.


Our representative will help you while your pickup.

We try to take pickup all days except public holidays.

Our pickup timings will be available from 9AM to 7PM. We might take up urgent pickups based on the level of urgencies at our availability.

We try our best to remove the stains by adapting the best washing cycle, detergent, temperature suitable for the garment, however in case of tough stains, we would recommend you to use dry cleaning service.

If an order is cancelled after our executive reaches your home Cancellation charges of 100 Rs is charged to compensate our time and fuel charges.
We request customers to check the prices and place the order. You can please contact customer care in case of any queries.

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