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About Us

‘Hello Wash’ is the new boy in town with exceptional magical powers.
For all your laundry requirements right from washing, drying, folding to packing
‘Hello Wash’ magic works like wonder!

How we work


  • We love defining this with a single word “SIMPLE”
  • We promise that you place your order in 4 SIMPLE steps.
  • Don’t believe us? Try and find out.
  • Place your order through website or Give us a call and you’d never want to miss our service any further!
  • We take orders for upcoming 6 days as well.


As you love to place your order in minutes and get your clothes washed in minutes, We at Hello Wash also love to pick your clothes in minutes. Our riders will be at your door steps as per your selected slots.


At “Hello Wash”, we take every care to see that your clothes go through a specifically designed process that does not just rinse them in an ordinary detergent. We set a unique mechanism based on the fabric,color and tailor a methodology to suit each cloth the best. Through this process, your clothes are not just washed but are treated in a way to retain their goodness throughout their use.
You take a lot of care while buying your clothes. Ensure goodness along with cleanliness for your favourite clothes all the time!


  • We love to deliver your clothes clean and make them look great.
  • Hello Wash delivers your washed clothes within a turn around time of 60hrs.
  • You Wear. We wash

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